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Paste the url of the video into the input field. Then click on or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to start the conversion. Now wait a few seconds while our YouTube Mp3 converter converts the video for you.

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Once the conversion is complete, you can now download your YouTube video in mp3 format that has been converted to the best possible quality.

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Video, how to convert YouTube video to mp3 ?
1Copy the link from the YouTube video

First, go to YouTube, choose the video you want to convert and copy the link of this video as shown on the video above. Then copy the link into the input field.

2Click on

When the conversion starts you will see a download bar like on the video above. Usually it takes up to 4 seconds, but if the servers are overloaded or your Internet connection is slow, it can take up to 10 seconds. Please be patient and don't close the window right away.

3Press Download and get your MP3 !

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After reading the explanation or watching the explanatory video, you can convert any YouTube video without worrying about how the best YouTube 2020 converter works.